Hand Weaving & Observing Eye #1: Workshop mit Marta Sala / Mittwoch 9. November um 19 Uhr

We are starting with the Collective of Hand Weaving & Observing Eye!
For the very first meeting Marta Sala, an artist who profoundly works with textiles, will introduce us to the basic techniques of weaving. While doing this we will take a walk into the past histories of textiles, nowadays struggles, and possible futures.
Join us! Workshop is held in English and German.
We have a few hand looms to share but if you have already yours, take with you! Below you find follow-up dates & events.
On Waeving Hand & Observing Eye:
Textile is plural narrative. Inspired by Anne Albers texts we see weaving as a kind of open-source formula that is complex and plural, but also very particular. It is dependent on common and shared knowledge but at the same time on the specific geographical, natural and human context. This diversity and similarity, repetition and rapture become the starting point for our community of weaving hands. By employing our hands and eyes, acquiring different techniques, we open ourselves to each other. Weaving as very material practices reflects on very valid social issues: the building of social connections and possible transformations.
Together in very diverse formats we inquire about the nature of social hand weaving practices: a time needed to gain knowledge and trust, understanding of material and responsibility toward the fabric. Moving weaving out of the private and isolated spaces into the open public one we want to gain a new visibility of such phenomena as duration, or laborious crafting. What is important to us: Textile became a witness of struggle and social change. …Textile is definitely a plural narrative!
Marta Sala is a transdisciplinary artist focusing in her practices on such issues as the commons and ecology, the problem of waste, marginalization and solidarity in diversity. She has graduated from Garmont Industrial School when she learned to work with textiles, and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Marta has also studied “Art in Context” at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. Her artistic practice includes painting, installation, sewing, costume design, video, performance, participative and public art. She creates works from various material remains to extract individual poetic narratives.
Image: Otti Berger, Book (detail), mid 1930s, cotton, 9.5 x 24.1cm (3 3/4 x 9 1/2 in.), image: public domain
The follow – up events:
17th November 7 pm Workshop with Marta Sala
3rd December 7 pm Artist talk with Parul Sinha