Emerging home position / Community dinner and presentation / April 24th at 19:30

Emerging Home position

Evelina Emir-Ali, Anna Dmytrenko and Ali Shekarchi discover and review their „home feeling“ in the new country. It is also an attempt to revisit stories, memories, experiences and feelings and translate them into publication and food formats.

„Emerging Home position“ is an endeavour to reflect on the question „Where does the essence of home reside within us how can we feel it?“ Three artists are presenting a series of their new Zines and comfort tests with a Community Dinner.

The presentation is supported by Krishan Rajapakshe.

Evelina Emir-Ali comes from Crimea. She interests herself in illustrations and comics and performs as a stand-up comedian. Since 2023 she joined a *foundationClass and will study Visual Communication at KHB.

Anna Dmytrenko from Kremenchuk (Ukraine); her artistic practices are zine, photography, painting and performance. She is interested in topics of the face of the city and urban character, and questions of identity within social and political contexts. She studied Documentary Filmmaking at The Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, Kyiv. Since 2022 Anna is based in Berlin.

Ali Shakarchi is an illustrator from the Bamyan province Afghanistan. He was born in 1992 and has been passionate about art and illustration since his youth. Ali has gained recognition for his focus on illustration, particularly comic book drawing.