Hand Weaving & Observing Eye #2: with Parul Sinha / Samstag, 10. Dezember um 18:30

Hand Weaving & Observing Eye #2: with Parul Sinha
SAMSTAG, 10. DEZEMBER 2022 UM 18:30
Beusselstraße 44, 10553 Berlin, Deutschland
Artist talk with Parul Sinha
Moderated by Agnieszka Kilian
During her talk Parul Sinha, the artist based in New Delhi will introduce us to the techniques of kantha.
This highly treasured craft practices emerged in West Bengal where the women’ communities for generations have been recycling old sarees and dhotis: layering, stitching and weaving with the threads pulled out form original cloths.
This technique is also a spiritual practice of “making whole again that which is fragmented or broken.” In her talk Parul will shed a light on the meaning of this practice, its social importance, shared knowledge, and the question of preservation of this unique technique.
We will connect with Parul Sinha via zoom.
Image: Parul Sinha
Parul Sinha is a visual artist, graduated in painting from the College of Art Delhi in 2016. She has been part of a book publishing in mini-majelis Documenta Fifteen. Her solo show was held at Metta Contemporary in Navi Mumbai in 2018. She has also been part of the group show in Clark House Initiative in Mumbai in 2017 and Gallery Latitude 28.