As we spoke…#1 with Mariam Agamian and Nadiya Chushak / 11th Dec 6pm / #2 with Galina Yarmanova and Svitlana Shymko / 13th Dec 8pm

As we spoke…
# 1: 11th December 6pm
# 2: 13th December 8 pm 
Adresse: Beusselstrasse 44, 10553 Berlin
#1: radio play followed by a discussion with Mariam Agamian and nadiya chushak / 11th December at 6 pm
#2: “The Wonderful Years“ film followed by a talk with authors Galina Yarmanova and Svitlana Shymko / 13th December at 8 pm

With the 2-day cycle we would like to create a discussion space dedicated to the queerness, feminist and divers communities in late Soviet time and today. During the session we will focus on issues such as a need of decolonization of narratives, epistemic justice, but also the power of storytelling as an important strategy in order to gain a voice. One of the elements of the session is a mind-map created collectively during the discussion designed by Anton Sivatski.

11th Dec #1 in the first part Mariam Agamian, researcher and writer, will introduce her concept of Kviradio – the queer feminist initiative she has started during the pandemic in Ukraine. This podcast radio serves as a sonic library with very diverse texts: academic, but also literary. During the session we will collectively listen to one chosen episode – based on the reading of Johanna Hedva texts “Sick Woman Theory”- which will serve as a trigger for further discussion joined by nadiya chusak.

13 th Dec #2 in the second part we will present the widely acclaimed documentary „The Wonderful Years“ („Щасливі роки“, 2018) which explores how women used to navigate sexuality, marriage and reproductive pressure in late Soviet Ukraine. It intertwines stories of 3 women and is based on archive video materials and interview excerpts from several research projects on sexuality. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film authors Galina Yarmanova and Svitlana Shymko.
*Language policy:
Both events will be held in English.
*The audio version of Johanna Hedva text will be presented in the translation by Mohira Suyarkulova, the original English version will be provided in paper.
*The film will be presented in the Ukrainian version with English subtitles.
Image: Still from film „Wonderful Years“
Mariam Agamian is a grassroots researcher and writer from Kyiv who works with antiracism, queer feminism, standup comedy and theater. Is co-creator of Kviradio, the place for reading queer feminist theory and manifests, poems and faritales out loud.
nadiya chushak is a senior lecturer at Sociology Department at National University of Kyїv Mohyla Academy (Kyїv, Ukraine). nadiya’s current research interests include crip and queer theories, human-nonhuman relations.
Galina Yarmanova teaches feminist and queer theory. Currently she is a fellow researcher at Bard College Berlin. Galina works with visual and textual archives and uses decolonial queer feminist approaches in her research and activism.
Svitlana Shymko (she/her) is an independent documentary filmmaker from Ukraine, a graduate of the DocNomads international MA program in documentary film directing. Svitlana works on developing political, social and feminist topics in documentary cinema.
The event is organized with the support of Bosch Alumni Network by International Alumni Center Berlin and in collaboration with Tandem gGmbH and MitOst.e.V.
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