Gespräch mit Alina Dzeravianka / Strandbad-Residency 2022 / Samstag, 6. August um 18 Uhr

Strandbad-Residency 2022: public talk with Alina Dzeravianka: On women’s crafts, textile, embroidery – working with rural


18:00 public talk with Alina Dzeravianka
15:00 silk printing workshop with Sveta Husakova

Saturday, August 6 at 18:00
Address: Strandbad Tegelsee /Zentrum für Kultur und Erholung
Schwarzer Weg 95, 13505 Berlin


Talk with our researcher in residence Alina Dzeravianka, where she will present her practice working with rural and share her experience with the audience.

During the Strandbad-Residency 2022 Alina Dzeravianka focuses on her research on women’s crafts, textile, and embroidery in the village of Zburazh (Brest region, Belarus). She runs it together with her colleague, artist and designer Svetlana Husakova while participating in the Rural School of Economics, a trans-local project of knowledge-sharing and cultural co-production in rural communities by

Alina Dzeravianka and Sveta Husakova will organize a silk printing workshop where they will use the designs and patterns inspired by Zburazh village in Belarus. The visitors could choose a print and have it on the t-shirt or bag (please bring your own plain color item). You are welcome to join workshop from 15:00.

Alina Dzeravianka is a researcher, activist, and cultural worker from Brest, Belarus. She has great expertise in the organization of socially engaged cultural activities, research, and work of NGOs. She worked as a director of Brest Fortress Development Foundation and currently co-leads the research project STATUS: Role of Artists in Changing Society. She is a visiting lecturer at the Cultural Heritage Development of European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Sveta Husakova is an artist and designer from Zburazh, Belarus. She studied textile and surface design and worked many years for different brands and projects, creating  textile prints and embroideries, new materials and surfaces, art objects and more. Now her activities are  about collaborations, sociality, interactivity and ecology in the local context.


Strandbad-Residency is a part of the two-year collaborative project Artistic Ecologies: New Compasses, Tools and Alliances conceived in collaboration with WHW, Zagreb, the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, and Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit, Berlin.
Co-funded by European Union and Foundation Between Bridges.